Leather 101

We craft our products out of full grain vegetable tanned leather because of its unique properties. Unlike other leathers (i.e. chrome tanned leather) vegetable tanned leather is produced using natural tannins, a process that dates back many centuries. It is the only tanning process that allows leather to be tooled, dyed, molded and burnished afterward. Overtime, our leather will age beautify, developing what is known as "patina," while other forms of leather will not. Patina happens overtime as the leather is exposed to the natural oils from your hands and skin. Today, less than 5% of all leather is vegetable tanned. The vegetable tanning process takes a considerable amount of time (at least 1 month) compared to other processes (chrome tanning takes 1 day). Outside of the tanning process, the most notable characteristic of our leather is the grain. We use full grain leather, which means the grain is not "corrected" (sanded down) and therefore retains all of its natural strength. Full grain hides often include visible scars and insect bites which can make choosing leather a meticulous process. No two hides are the same so we put a lot of time, thought and care into hand selecting our leather. We embrace these unique properties because, in the end, they are what impart beauty and character into our products.